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"I am sharing my experiences, and bits of wisdom I’ve gathered along the way, with the possibility that it will provide healing, comfort, and hope to others." - Jamilliah

Some believe that humans originate as entities, souls, or energy, and that while we are in this form, we choose to come to earth. That when we choose to come, we also choose why we come here, and who we will connect with when we incarnate or reincarnate here on earth.

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Many maintain that who we choose to couple with is called our twin flame or twin soul, (not to be confused with soul mate) and that our soul has a contract with their soul to help each other evolve by accomplishing agreed upon goals. However, there are differing views on what twin flames really are.

Two twin flame candles. Red candles with white hearts, and white rims. Smaller candle is part of the larger candle.


There are those that presume twin flames are one soul that split into two different bodies and comes to this plane to reunite as one; in order to uplift each other and humanity on a soul or spiritual level. While existing as two separate persons experiencing life, each learns and progresses. Once reunited, they help one another by sharing their wisdom and inspiring the other to dig deeper and to be better, resulting in an advanced soul. 

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Most people think that the twin flame is a romantic partner that is another's mirror image in all ways. They trust that the couple will remain together because the love is powerful and lasts for as long as the two are alive. In contrast, countless amounts of individuals believe a twin flame is a romantic partner who is their complete opposite, and other half. They accept that the love and relationship are so intense because their partnership is there to teach each other life lessons, and when the lessons have been learned, then the relationship ends.

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Others suppose that twin flame relationships are supernatural, spiritual partnerships that were agreed upon before incarnation, and therefore, destined to be. They give credence to the thought that the affiliation is part of their past lives and continues from lifetime to lifetime through reincarnation. Furthermore, they assert that the bonds are so strong that it cannot be broken. As a result, the association helps elevate each soul to a higher level of ascension and enlightenment; which eventually upgrades humanity and the collective.

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For those who are, or have been in a twin flame relationship, and have been aware that their partner is or was their twin flame, it definitely changes you in ways that are undeniable and unmistakable. Here are some significant signs that you are in a twin flame relationship:

1. You meet someone and begin googling soul mates, twin flames, twin souls, and past lives, because you sense or feel something distinctive or different about them.

2. You recognize him or her on a soul level or feel connected to him or her even though you just met or met again after a brief encounter from the past.

3. You may not necessarily like or love them in the "traditional" or "normal" sense, but you feel drawn to, or linked to them in an inexplicable way. Furthermore, you have had a challenging time disconnecting from, or breaking up with them for extended periods of time; even if it is for your own good, or for theirs.

4. You have a telepathic connection. Both often hears, feels, and shares the other's thoughts and feelings, whether you are together or apart. He can sense her around him even when she is miles away. She can feel him missing her, and she cannot go for more than a couple of days before intensely missing him. Each can sense when the other is about to call or when they want to be called or visited. Therefore, you often call or text each other at the same time. One will say "I was just thinking about you," and the other knows it is true because they felt it.

5. You refer to one another as "your good luck charm." When you speak or spend them time together, one or both of you all of a sudden has a stroke of good luck and the day gets better. You may get that prime parking space, meet your work deadline, or receive unexpected money.

6. You add something to their life, and they add something to yours. Each edifies the other's life in a way no one else does. The relationship teaches you both new things, new ways of thinking, and new ways of being that helps to make you better. Your unification unquestionably changes you both. You wonder what your life would have been like without them being part it, for better or for worse, and of course they feel the same about you.

7. Meeting him or connecting with him physically has changed your life profoundly. Your life was heading in one direction and has totally changed course in the other direction. Have you had a big move and relocated out of state or your county? Did you change your career to another field? Are you experiencing a huge religious shift or spiritual awakening? Any other major changes that you had not foreseen? Larger plans that are part of a bigger purpose can all result from the twin flame union.

8. Separating from her whether through life's circumstances, a breakup, or death, leads to extreme alterations of your life. Just like meeting them, losing them modifies your circumstances. A spiritual or religious experience or turnaround, a new career or return to and old one, a change in health or crisis, a home relocation, or a miraculous change in your life's journey, can all result from the loss of your twin flame.

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9. You begin to perceive life and the world differently. All things seem significant, and you look for meaning in everything. One may notice that what used to seem like coincidence is really synchronicity and alignment. Incidents now appear fated or destined, especially meeting your person. The parallels in each of your lives even before you met, become obvious. Then, you see where your life would be now had you not met them, or where your life would be now had circumstances not separated you. Now you know why providence brought you two together. Their existence changes your worldview in such a way, that it is never the same again. 

10. After linking with or losing one's twin flame, one begins exalting the belief in the concept of twin flames. A person tells everyone about meeting, being with, or losing his twin flame. He writes a blog or book and starts a podcast about the twin flame experience. She opens a shop selling twin flame merchandise. They begin teaching others about recognizing the signs of being in a twin flame relationship, and the purpose of the divine association.

Merging with your twin flame is a transformational experience. It changes all aspects of your life forever and you will never be the same as before the alliance began. The twin flame journey is intense, powerful, spiritual, and metaphysical. This union is both physical and transcendental and takes place in both the earthly and otherworldly planes of existence. A relationship of this magnitude affects you on a soul level. The twin flame connection is an infinite, supernatural, connection that even death cannot sever, because soul-to-soul love is eternal. Therefore, you and your twin flame will always be together in mind, body, or spirit. See You Next Lifetime! 

Orange, yellow, black, and white butterfly. Symbolizes spiritual transformation.


"As I experienced my spiritual awakening, and my spiritual gifts upgraded, I received confirmation of my twin flame journey through spiritual downloads and spiritual enlightenment. As a result, I have created a collection of designer products and this blog here on, and the Twin Flame Connection podcast episode on; all dedicated to that experience. The following pieces celebrate reincarnation, infinite past life love, and the twin flame journey. Here are just a few items paying tribute to my twin flame, and to twin flames everywhere." - "Always Together, The Body Dies But The Soul Is Eternal!" - jamilliah

The Twin Flame Connection Collection: Clothing for twin flames, soul mates, lovers, and couples! Wear yours to honor, salute, and recognize your current connection, or in memorial, gratitude, and appreciation of your eternal flame, while in separation.

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